『The story of Kyo-Yuzen』

We will hold the event of Kyo-Yuzen is one of the traditional Japanese crafts from Kyoto.

“Kyo-Yuzen”, one of the traditional Japanese crafts from Kyoto, which can be called, without exaggerating, the most beautifully dyed silk in the world. Every single piece of “Kyo-Yuzen” is created by highly skilled craftsmen that have inherited the demanding techniques. Each creation goes through as many as 20 processes. The professional craftsmen are in charge of those processes, dedicating themselves to one process, devoting 40 or even 50 years to mastering it. That means, if you add up all the time the craftsmen spend perfecting their art, it can be said that 500 to 1000 years dwell in each piece of Kyo-Yuzen.

We will help you discover the profound story of Kyo-Yuzen, spotlighting the invisible but essential craftsmanship hidden in Kyo-Yuzen.

[Date]Nov. 30, 2019 Sat. – Jan. 30, 2020 Thu. *Closed: Dec. 27, Fri.

[Place]Nittodo 2F

[Contents]Craftsmanship (processed, tools and photos) of Kyo-Yuzen

[Admission fee]Free